Rijsel is the result of a passion for the French kitchen and an attempt to catch the lightheartedness of Flanders.

“Rijsel” is the Flemish name for the industrial city that the French refer to as “Lille”.

It is not the sort of hip and modern city you would expect a restaurant to be named after. Sometimes a name is just that, somethimes there’s much more to it. Rijsel is more than just a name.

In a classic meets ‘60s interior with a modern industrial feel we serve no-nonsense food for a fair price. The relaxed atmosphere allows you to enjoy yourself, whatever mood you’re in or celebration has brought you to us.


A first impression

à bientôt!

Reservations can be made by telephone on opening days from 2 p.m. or via our online booking tool.

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Opening hours

Rijsel is open Monday through Sunday from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm.